Ride Report for Ride Captain RJ
Veterans Day as much defines the mission of Warriors’ Watch Riders as anything I can think of, and having the opportunity to spend it with some WWII and Korean War veterans makes it that much more special.
We gathered at a nearby high school parking lot on a Sunday afternoon that was so gusty we were hesitant to unfurl our flags.  Just a few blocks away was the Community Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Naperville, IL, home to many of the area’s remaining heroes.
The most ambulatory of the group were brought into the entry way to watch our motorcade arrive with lights flashing, sirens blaring and, yes flags rippling in the breeze.  I can still see the looks on their faces as we circled the drive.
Inside the dining room we told them who we were and why we were there.
We told them of our gratitude for them having answered the call when the world need them most.  We gave them beads and coins and long-overdue “Welcome home” threads, one specially made up for each of them.
There was a reluctance to leave that afternoon, but there other missions and more heroes to thank.  With all that we left there, I think we all agreed that we took away even more.