Ride Report for Ride Captain HowardK


On a chilly Saturday evening December 1st Warriors Watch Riders were joined by A Hero’s Welcome to honor and surprise E3 Dominic Baker, US Navy as he celebrated his return to Philadelphia from three years of dedicated service in Sicily.


Warriors’ Watch Riders were invited by Dominic’s cousin Joey Shunk and his friend Dawn to escort Dominic from the airport and return him to a celebration in his honor at the family home. Dominic’s mother Rennie tells us she has been hearing about these escorts for several years and would love to have something done for her son. Well Rennie, this one’s for Dominic!!


Dominic enlisted in the US Navy in January 2010. He graduated from LaSalle Catholic High School in 2007 where he played varsity football and was the captain of the team.


Dominic has been stationed in Sigonella Sicily at an Italian Airforce/ US Navy base where he has served for almost three years. He has not been back in the states for two full years. Dominic started as a dispatcher on the airfield for six months and was later trained in airplane fire/rescue. In 2010 he was sent to Texas to The National Department of Defense Fire Academy for three months where he completed the course for firefighter 1 & 2 certification. He also earned the department of defense certification. Dominic returned to the airfield in Sigonella where he has served the last two years. He is also certified in Hazmat, Airport Firefighter and Structural Firefighter.


Warriors’ Watch Riders along with A Hero’s Welcome rallied at Firebase 69 at 7:30PM. We were joined by Fred and Rennie Baker as well as by a car full of Dominic’s cousins and relatives. Fred is a Lieutenant with the Philadelphia FD and a US Navy veteran. The Bakers were kind enough to bring along two giant tomatoe pies to warm up the welcome entourage. After our ride briefing we took the short ride to terminal A to await Dominic’s arrival.


Warrior’s Watch Riders formed two flag lines at the international terminal. A large Welcome Home banner was unrolled and readied for the arrival. Dominic’s young cousin Gabriel held one side of the banner. At about 9:00 PM Dominic came through the glass doors and into the arms of his excited family. He then received warm welcome home handshakes and hugs from the WWR and AHW members. We then proceeded to the ground level of the terminal where our bikes and cars waited for the escort back to the northeast. A Philadelphia PD officer was readied to lead the escort home.


We proceeded north on Rt 95, west on Woodhaven road and then south on Roosevelt boulevard. As we turned onto the final street we were greeted by many friends and relatives gathered in front of the home to greet Dominic.


Dominic was asked to step forward. WWR ASC Lee W. presented Dominic with our WWR Honor coin and thanked him for his dedicated service to our

country. Tom O’Shea from A Hero’s Welcome then presented a certificate giving E3 Dominic Baker thanks from a grateful nation. Next Fred Baker was asked to come forward. Vietnam veteran Pete Flowers presented our WWR honor coin to US Navy veteran Fred Baker and thanked him for his service to our country. WWR member Bob K. then presented both Dominic and Fred with stars from retired flags which had flown over homes in America. Dutch then presented beads strings to both Dominic and Fred and explained the significance of the colors included in the strings.


In true WWR tradition we then formed for a group picture with Dominic joined by his very proud family and friends standing on the front lawn.


Warriors’ Watch Riders would like to thank Fred, Rennie and the entire Baker family for inviting us to be part of this celebration for Dominic. Thank you to A Hero’s Welcome for your energetic and unending support and recognition of our HERO’s.


Most of all, THANK YOU E3 Dominic Baker for your service, sacrifice and dedication and for keeping us all free and safe back here at home.




Respectfully submitted by RC HowardK

Pictures courtesy of Jeff (Bikerider)