Ride Report for Ride Captain Bob


On oct, 20, 2012 the day started with a long over due welcome home for WWII marine Loren “duke” Abdalla,  His story is that of a legend,  John Wayne would have struggled playing this roll! there is a book being written about his story as we speak. He is also the great grandson of sioux chief running bull.WOW!


After a lunch with some of  N. ILL. Faithful WWR members we Hit the road to Burlington wisc. for our Mission to welcome home our hero,

 USMC LCPL. Douglas Stelter from his tour in Afganistan, at our second rally point north of the boarder we picked up some more riders and proceded to the party dougs mom Brenda was throwing in his honor, we rolled up the drive way bikes reving, horns honking and lights flashing with the national anthem blasting from one of our bikes.

this was a family who really loves there hero, and welcomed us with hugs and high fives, after a greeting and lambasting of hugs for our ROCK STAR we presented our coin, beads and thead booklet. After another round of hugs we took some photos, zipped up the leathers and blasted down the road back to ILL. 

Thanks WWR for giving me the opportunity to serve and honor these heros.


R&R Bob