Ride Report for Ride Captain Sarge
 On 10/17/2012, the first of five (5) flights carrying Semper Fi Sisters arrived at 9:25AM to be greeted by some of the Panhandles finest. American flags waved as the group that had gathered welcomed these special guest. Semper Fi Sisters come to the Florida Panhandle annually to attend their Beach Blast. Port St Joe is where they gather, and where they will pack up boxes to send to our deployed troops (see mission statement for 10/20/12). With each additional flight that arrived, our flag line grew in numbers as guests joined the WWR effort to welcome these special ladies. As an added honor we welcomed home two (2) U.S. Airmen from their overseas deployments. Thank you to all that attended.
05 Bikes
07Private Vehicles
11 Members
Several guests, including Semper Fi Sisters, and U.S. Airmen from Tyndall Air Force Base 
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