Ride Report for Ride Captain Sarge
On 10/20/2012 to show our support for our troops, the WWR joined in with the community of Port St Joe, and several other Veteran groups, to assist the Semper Fi Sisters with the event of  “Packages of Love from the Home Front”. A great day was had by all that participated in this event. Semper Fi Sisters are a great bunch of ladies, and are some of the best HUGGERS around. Several sneaky rascals snuck through the HUG line twice just to test the Sisters’ endurance levels.Thank you to all that attended. If you missed this years’ event, I hope you can make next years’, they get bigger and better each year. A special thanks to Brenda Garth and all those special LADIES that call themselves “Semper Fi Sisters”. Thanks to the very supportive community of the Forgotten Coast, and a very special thanks to the Semper Fi Sisters for allowing the WWR the Honor of participating in this very special event.

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