Ride Report for Ride Captain Rich Kern
The morning started out cold and raining.  What better way to start the day off right than to do the first of four welcome homes for the day.  Just before we left to the rally point it started to pour.  Rain, no problem started to put on the rainsuits when it looked like it was going to clear up.  Left home and went to the rally point where I found one other bike and 9-10 cages.  Just before our Ride brief support showed up in the form of three Police cruisers from the village of Cary.  During the ride brief there was one new comer.  I knew this newcomer to be GM! Ernst, from the Navy Reserve NEDU from Great Lakes.  I also know that Ernst just celebrated his 21st  year in  service to our nation. (the reason that I know all of this is that he is my son).  After the brief we loaded up and were escorted to our Hero’s (Ryan) home.  There he was waiting outside wondering what all the noise was.  He asked me is all of this was for him and I told him yes we were here to say thank you  and welcome home. Ryan was home on a 30 day leave from Afghanistan and then off to Sicily at the end of his leave.  We coined and beaded Ryan gave hugs to both Ryan and him Mom.  We all left and when to the next mission.  End of another successful mission and so far still dry.  
RC Rich Kern