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Ride Report for Ride Captain HowardK


On Saturday afternoon October 13th Warriors Watch Riders were joined by A Hero’s Welcome to honor and surprise E4 Spec Joseph Ferrara as he returned to his family in Perkasie after a one year deployment in Afghanistan. We were also honored to welcome home Sgt First Class James Greco, a three tour Afghanistan war veteran who accompanied Joe on the trip home to Perkasie.


Joe Ferrara is 23 years old and married his high school sweetheart, Stephanie, 2 years ago. He has been an active firefighter with Perkasie FD 26 since 2005. Joe obtained his EMT license at age 17 and has worked for Bucks County since 2008. Joe joined US Army reserves in 2010 as military police with E3 status and was promoted last August to E4 Specialist. Joe was then sent to school to be a medic for his unit as they prepared to be deployed overseas.


Sgt First Class James Greco is the training NCIC for Unit 367 MP Company stationed at Willow Grove. Sgt. Greco has served in the United States Army for 25 years and has served three deployments to Afghanistan.


Warrior’s Watch Riders were invited by Joe’s mother and father Paul and Lauren to surprise Joe as they, along with Joe’s mother-in-law and father-in-law Jeff and Annette Gahman brought him back to Perkasie from Philadelphia. We were asked to meet them at the Regal Warrington Shopping Center and escort them home the Warriors Watch Way. Paul, Lauren, Jeff and Annette told us how proud they are of Joe for all of his accomplishments in such a short time and were planning a parade for him to celebrate his arrival home. Well…everyone loves a parade… and what a fabulous parade this was!



Warriors’ Watch Riders along with A Hero’s Welcome were joined at the Regal Warrington Shopping Center by a large contingent of police, fire and EMT’s including Perkasie FD 26 Engine 29, Hilltown FD, and Chalfont Ambulance as well as by Warrington PD officers Kenderdine, Peranteau and DeBrigida. Warriors’ Watch Riders formed a long flag line in the parking lot to await the arrival of our returning war veterans. The HERO’s and their families arrived in a Perkasie

FD 26 Fire Truck piloted by Jeff Gahman accompanied by the Perkasie FD 26 Chief’s red Ford Expedition driven by Paul Ferrara. The surprised US Army veterans exited the trucks and were warmly greeted by all of the men, women, police, fire and EMT’s assembled. We then formed a procession led by Warrington PD officer Kenderdine for the escort to Perkasie.


The long escort proceeded north on route 611. Local FD’s were arranged on many of the overpasses with their ladder trucks, ladders extended, displaying large American Flags to welcome the HERO’s. The firefighters lined the overpasses and waved and saluted the procession as it passed beneath them.


As we proceeded on route 313 and approached rt 113 we were met by Perkasie Boro MC Officer Thomas Brun who escorted the long procession to Perkasie. The procession then turned into a PARADE! Officer Brun led the parade

all the way down 5th street, past a cheering crowd assembled in front of Perkasie FD 26 and all the way to the end of town. The procession then circled back and paraded down 7th street and back to the firehouse.


The firehouse was brightly lighted and the bays were filled with many family, friends, firemen, EMT’s as well as state and local dignitaries eager to greet Joe and James. Food and refreshments were set up and a table with music and microphones was prepared for the occasion. E4 Specialaist Joseph Ferrara and Sgt First Class James Greco were invited to the front of the room. The WWR RC thanked everyone for their energy in providing this proper welcome for Joe and James and presented Joe with our WWR Honor coin and thanked him for his service and sacrifice. State ASC Chas Ackley then came forward to present Sgt. Greco with a WWR Honor coin and welcomed him home from his THIRD tour of duty. Next Michelle Rooney, representing A Hero’s Welcome, presented A Hero’s Welcome certificate to Joe and James thanking them from a grateful nation. Our senior WWR member Bob then came forward and presented American flag stars to both war veterans which are meant to remind them that they are not forgotten. WWR Vietnam veteran Dutch then presented Honor beads to both returning war veterans and explained to them the significance of the colors of each string. A representative of Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick then presented a flag to Joe and thanked him on behalf of our Congressman.


Pastor Steward Warner offered a prayer in gratefulness for the safe return of our returning war veterans. Fire Chief Dave Worthington thanked the returning war veterans on behalf of the grateful community and fellow firefighter then came forward for a special presentation. Joe was told that during his absence a vote had been taken by all firefighters from FD 26 and he had been voted to become Lieutenant. Joe was then presented his new Lieutenant’s fire helmet. He accepted the helmet with great pride.


In true WWR tradition we then formed for a group picture with our returning hero’s joined by their very proud families standing behind the Welcome Home banner that was rolled out in the fire bay.


We would like to recognize Perkasie FD 26 Battalion Chief Ed Boshell who arranged and coordinated all of the local FD’s, PD’s and EMT’s for this awesome welcome home escort and parade. Warriors’ Watch Riders would like to thank Paul and Lauren Ferrara and Stephanie Ferrara as well as Jeff and Annette Gahman, Nicole and Christine and the entire family for inviting us to be part of this welcome home for Joe. Thank you to A Hero’s Welcome for your energetic and unending support and recognition of our returning hero’s. We would like to thank Officers Kenderdine, Peranteau and DeBrigida of the Warrington PD and Officer Brun of Perkasie Boro PD who provided an AWESOME and safe escort for the final leg home. We also thank all of the police, fire and EMT’s for providing energetic and patriotic support for our returning Army veterans.


Most of all, THANK YOU Specialist Joseph Ferrara and Sgt. First Class James Greco for your service, sacrifice and dedication to keeping us all free and safe back here at home!


ARMY STRONG !!!!!!!!!!



Respectfully submitted by RC HowardK

Pictures courtesy of Karen Ackley