Ride Report for Ride Captain RJ
An intrepid group of riders (and some cagers) sought shelter under the portico of a local Walgreens drug store in Algonquin, IL as storm clouds assaulted from above.  Having finished our first mission in nearby Crystal Lake in relative dryness, we were not to be deterred. 
The Elliott home, just a few blocks away was not unfamiliar to us.  We sent Matt’s older brother, John off to boot camp in 2009 and welcomed him home from Afghanistan in 2011.  Now it was younger brother, Matthew returning from boot camp and Marine mom, Pam once again keeping the homestead.
As we gathered in the garage (still raining), it was important to recognize Pam Elliott for the contribution she and other moms (and dads, brothers, sisters) make in the constant vigilance to safeguard our nation. Deployment affects the whole family and Pam need to be thanked, too.
We also acknowledged Matt’s Uncle Bill, who served in the Air Force from 1959 to 1962.  Then after all the beading and coining and hugging and cheering, Matthew signed our banner and we took some final pictures. 
Leaving the Elliott’s home, we knew we would be back.  But, leave we must.  The next mission was 30 miles away and it was still raining.