Ride Report for Ride Captain RJ
About 30 of us rode from an earlier mission to our school parking lot staging area in Carpentersville, IL.  After the ride brief we noticed a young lady named Sarah, who joined us at the gas station we used for staging at that previous mission was still with us.  She said she was coming from church, where she played the violin.  With a little cajoling, she grabbed her violin out of her car and enthralled us with a virtuoso performance of the national anthem.  What a great start to a mission.
It was a short ride to our hero’s home, where his family and friends stood waiting for us at the end of their cul-de-sac.  We circled around and gave them their money’s worth, horns and sirens blaring, lights a-flashing as their videographers took it all in.
We did our presentations and spent some time with PFC Luna and his family, his mom, Lourdes still basking in the joy of having her Army Airborne son home.
And then it was off to our next mission, some 90 minutes away.  Only this time there wouldn’t be any violins.