Ride report for Ride Captain AeroPilot

On the Sunday morning of October 7th, John Lewandowski had a surprise visitor stop by the house, his son Bobby.  Unbeknownst to John, that wasn’t going to be the only surprise of the morning.

Weeks prior, Johns wife called upon the Warriors Watch Riders to provide a well deserved and overdue welcome home for her husband.  John, a retired Master Chief in the Navy with over 30 years of service to our country had never received a proper welcome home, nor a thank you for his service.  John also is a Vietnam Veteran, with three tours of duty in Vietnam followed by many years in the Navy.  Some of his awards and medals include the Vietnam Service Metal with 1 bronze star, Vietnam Campaign Medal with device/Combat Action Ribbon/Good Conduct medal with 3 bronze stars.

The Warriors Watch Riders gathered in the rain this Sunday morning along with family and friends at the local supermarket while John was being detained at the house by his son.  We held our ride briefing for safety and also told everyone of John’s service and devotion to our country and his military history.  During our safety briefing, we also presented John’s grand-daughter Amber and friend Julia with a Kathryn Fialkowski Memorial Certificate in recognition of their patriotism and support of our men and women in the United States Armed Forces by participating in the welcome home today.  Following our ride briefing, members of Lower Merion Police Department stopped traffic for us on Lancaster Avenue and led the way to John’s home.

As we approached the house, family and friends that knew of the surprise were nearby on the sidewalk or on their porches, and in true Warriors Watch fashion, we made sure they knew we were there with lots of noise!  As we pulled the bikes into the driveway, John came out of the house to see what was going on!  Once gathered, WWR members presented the Master Chief with a Warriors Watch Honor coin thanking him for his service to our country both home and abroad.  Each WWR member then thanked John with our traditional Mug-n-Hug lineup as the emotion of the event was beginning to settle in.  To cap it off, a flag star was then presented to John for him to carry and hold in remembrance of this day and that a grateful nation is thankful for his service.  We all then gathered on the front lawn to have a group photo with the family and friends.

While the Warriors Watch departed, family and friends continued to honor John and also wished him a Happy 65th Birthday!!

Warriors Watch Riders would like to thank the Lower Merion and Haverford Township Police departments for providing a safe escort and lighting the way for us.

Respectfully Submitted,
RC AeroPilot