Ride Report for Ride Captain Rich Kern


We met at 1220 on Saturday 8/8/12 for a surprise Welcome home.  By ride brief time there were 21 bikes and 4 cages.  We I asked if there were any 1st timers I was surprised to find that the one new timer was a person that was stopped by one of our fellow riders on the way to this mission. They talked at a stop light and this newcomer decided to join us.  This new comer was a Marine Colonel on terminal leave.  We welcomed this officer with beads, coin and a round of thanks.  This was a great way to start off out mission.  Fire arrived at our meeting point before we left so we were able to add their lights and sirens to our procession.  We proceeded to our Hero’s house about 1.5 miles away. Our arrival was a total surprise to Jacob.  We all hugged Jacob, Mom (Kim) and dad.  In the middle of all this we found out that Jacob’s fiancée was also present and was forced into the thanks and hugs.  We then proceed to escort our Hero and his family about 4.5 miles to a party being held in his honor.  Once we arrived at the party site speeches were given in thanks, along with, beads, coin,  a proclamation from the City of McHenry was read and banner signed.  More hugs and thanks were given.  Mission successful!


Rich Kern