Ride Report for Ride Captain Bob


On a beautiful Saturday morning on a clean bike with a tank of 110 octane race fuel I headed to my mission wondering will there be 5 bikes or 25. In route I hooked up with four other riders so I new there would be at least 5. As we pulled in we seen another 20 bikes , This will be a great welcome committee for our warrior U.S.M.C. LCP. Aaron Wade Stice.

We were honored to have some Brothers and a sister from Philadelphia WWR join us on our Mission, By the time we had our Ride Brief we had almost 70 bikes, 4 Desplaines police cars, 2 fire trucks and a mayor lined up ready to roll WWR style.

We ambushed our hero at the grocery store with a parking lot full of Chrome and Leather. We then proceeded to Escort our hero to his welcome home party with family and friends where we presented our beads, coin and thread booklet and a massive hug fest. It was awesome to see this young marine get the

“ROCK STAR” ” treatment that he so deserves. The family was so grateful to all who came and we also coined the father in law who is a viet nam vet. After we took some photos and had our banner signed we mounted up and headed out to two other missions, and I have to say you need to look at the sr. airman Annette Lugo-Bello mission

we Rolled thru the streets of Chicago with a Circus like parade but that’s someone Else’s story. Its been an Honor to ride with the WWR and serve our faithful Warriors. R&R Bob