Ride Report for Ride Captain Mary Kay (MK Patriot)

The town of Cicero, IL, works very hard to honor their military families and regularly hosts Welcome Home celebrations at their Town Hall meetings. On Tuesday, July 10, 2012, they hosted their very first wedding and they asked Warriors’ Watch Riders to come out and help them celebrate.

Army Lt Salomon Jaramillo, a native of Cicero, IL, is a graduate of West Point and has been stationed in Germany for the past two years. He recently returned home to get married to his fiance, Sabrina Hernandez, before returning to Germany for another year. The Cicero Police and Fire led over a dozen WWR bikes and cages on a very noisy trip through town, ending at the Cicero Town Hall where we were able to greet and hug our returning hero. After mugs and hugs, we formed a flag line inside the Town Hall for Lt Jaramillo’s bride-to-be to walk through on her way to the rose-covered arch where they made their vows.

Military Families of Cicero United and the Town of Cicero then hosted a small reception in the Town Hall lobby where there was music, many more mugs and hugs, and of course…cake!
WWR was very honored to be a part of this very special day for this very special hero.

Respectfully submitted,

MaryKay (MK Patriot)