Ride Report for Ride Captain Mary Kay (MK Patriot)

The town of Cicero, IL is extremely proud of their hometown heroes. Military Families of Cicero United and the Town of Cicero invited Warriors’ Watch Riders to welcome home one of their own on Tuesday, July 10, 2012.

Cpl Roger Espinosa, USMC, arrived home to Cicero on leave on 6/29, just three weeks after his return to the U.S. from his deployment to Afghanistan. His parents, Myrthala and Rogelio, are very active members of Military Families of Cicero United, spending a lot of effort and time welcoming home other hometown service members. This was their time to shine and to welcome home their very own hero and we were extremely proud and honored to help treat Cpl Espinosa like a rock star!

So, early on a Tuesday morning, a dozen bikes and a couple of cages were led by Cicero Fire and Police to the home of Cpl Espinosa. Cpl Espinosa, his sister, and his 3-yr-old niece were given a ride in the fire truck through the town to the Cicero Town Hall. At the Town Hall, the WWR escorted our hero into the Town Hall meeting where a proclamation and presentation was made by the town representatives and where we presented the WWR mission beads and coin. A celebration followed, which included patriotic music, photos, and cake!

Respectfully submitted,

MaryKay (MK Patriot)