Ride Report for Ride Captain HoawardK

Saturday July 28th began with clear weather as we rallied at the Coatesville Veterans Hospital to provide an escort to the 4th annual hospitalized veterans tribute concert in Gorkas Park in Philadelphia.

Warriors Watch Riders were invited by the 21st Ward Veterans Association and by the Coatesville Veterans Hospital to provide an escort to the 4th annual hospitalized veterans tribute concert in Philadelphia. More than two dozen WWR members were joined by the Legion Riders in Coatesville at 9:00. There we met Veterans Hospital Director Warren Stackhouse who was organizing the transportation for the day. As we waited for the arrival of the buses, the veterans enjoyed checking out the line of bikes awaiting the escort to this annual event. When the bus arrived, fifty-two veterans boarded and prepared for the escorted ride to Roxborough.

We exited the hospital with the VA security team providing road blocking. As we reached the Philadelphia city limits we were met by Philadelphia Police who were joined by classic automobiles from the Ridge Runners Car Club. Led by the Philadelphia PD the entire entourage proceeded down Ridge Avenue to the annual event.

Upon reaching Gorkas Park the street was lined by flag carrying members from A Hero’s Welcome joined by the 21st Ward Veterans Association, Operation Bedding, Boy Scout troops as well as by many members of the community eager to greet our HERO’s. When the bus pulled in, a flag lined “walk of honor” was formed to greet the visiting VIP’s from the Coatesville VA Medical Center. The honored guests were led to a covered picnic area to await the large buffet meal which awaited them.


Bruce Hoffman greeted all of the veterans on behalf of the 21st Ward Veterans Association as he stood in front of the concert pavilion. The Merion Concert Band then opened the program with our national anthem. Bruce passed the microphone to Tim Rooney (GPOPPS) who called forward Marine Lt. Colonel Larry Henigan. Lt. Col. Henigan recently retired after a 20 year military career that included multiple deployments as well as service assignments around the world. Tim recited Lt. Col. Henigans service record, thanked him for his service and presented our WWR honor coin. Tim then passed the microphone to Maria Hyland who thanked Lt. Col. Henigan for his dedicated service from a grateful nation and presented him a certificate on behalf of

A Hero’s Welcome.

The veterans then enjoyed the meal prepared in their honor as a one act play was performed. The Merion Concert Band then continued the concert for the enjoyment of all the honored vets. Before departing, each honored veteran was provided a “care package” from Operation Bedding to enjoy when they arrived back in Coatesville.


o honor those who defend our nation and protect our freedoms. To end our nation and protect our freedoms. T WWR would like to thank Bruce Hoffman and the 21st Ward Veterans Association for organizing this very fitting recognition of our hospitalized veterans and for inviting WWR to be part of this very well organized event. We

would like to Warren Stackhouse and the security team at the Coatesville VA Hospital for making all of the arrangements at the Coatesville Hospital. Thanks also go out to the Philadelphia PD for their patriotism, support and participation in this veteran’s recognition ceremony. We would also like to thank the Legion Riders and the Ridge Runners for joining us for this event. Most of all, THANK YOU veterans for your service and sacrifice, without which our nation and citizens could not enjoy the freedoms we all enjoy today.

Respectfully submitted by Ride Captain HowardK