Ride Report for Ride Captain MaryKay (MK Patriot)

Military Families of Cicero United and the Town of Cicero are always anxious to welcome home one of their own. They invited Warriors’ Watch Riders to welcome home one of their hometown heroes on Tuesday, July 24, 2012.

On June 1, SGT DeLeon completed his active duty Army contract, where he had been stationed at Fort Hood. He was attached to the 1/5 Cav and was part of the Maddawgs. He deployed to Iraq twice during his active duty career. He has moved back to his hometown of Cicero, IL, where he is continuing his military service in the National Guard.

Not letting the huge thunderstorms get in their way, several Warriors Watch members arrived in cages and were led by Cicero Fire and Police to the home of SGT DeLeon. SGT DeLeon, his wife, and his two sons were given a ride in the fire truck through the town to the Cicero Town Hall. The skies cleared up for the escort and we were able to have our hero sign our banner and pose for some photos. The WWR then escorted our hero into the Town Hall meeting where a proclamation and presentation was made by the town representatives and where we presented the WWR mission beads and coin. SGT DeLeon gave a heartwarming speech of gratitude to all and spoke of his NCO that was KIA in their last deployment, asking that we always remember those that gave that sacrifice. A celebration followed the presentations, complete with cake!

Respectfully submitted,
MaryKay (MK Patriot)