Ride Report for Ride Captain LeeW
What better way to celebrate the 4th of July than by helping Clair and Paul Wexler welcome their son Mike home from Afganistan. We gathered at PHL , waited for Mike to arrive and then headed out for Jamison PA. Pa State Police led us up 1-95 where we were met by local Police on Street Rd and got us thru dozens of traffic lights as we gave our Hero the escort of his life which he so deserved! Upon our arrival, we presented Mike with our coin and certificate from AHW , and then Wayne presented Mikes Father Paul for his prior service in the 3rd ID . A big family party was getting underway so we said goodby and left the family their privacy to enjoy their time with Mike. I have a good feeling we’ll be seeing Mikes Mom and Dad at future Welcome Homes as they are very supportive of our Troops. WelcomeHome Mike and thankyou for your service!
Respectfully Submitted, LeeW RC
Pics Courtesy: BikeRider