Photos by Tom Beitz

George and Karen take the lead as we approach Blackwood Clementon Road. As we exit 42 low and behold, a Blackwood Fire Engine is in front of us. We follow a short ways till he meet up with the Pine Hill Fire, Police and Ambulance. After a few greetings with the First Responders, the Mayor and a Councilwoman, we follow the LEO and Fire Trucks through Clementon and Pine Hill, Past the American Legion where its members stand outside saluting. and on to George and Karens for a bit of a picnic.

Thank you to all who attended and to those whosE thoughts were with us.

An interesting note was the Mayor came up to a few of the fire personnel and stated he was surprised that we, the bikers, didn’t know nor have ever met Spc. Copsick, that we would take our time to honor a returning hero. A few statements of who we were and why we do this garnered us an invitation to be in the Fourth of July Parade for Pine Hill which I politely declined, we had been previously asked.

It was a pleasure to ride with such a group. Till Saturday 6/28 SSgt Andrew Pearce

Ron and Tom
aka Skipper and Gilligan