Ride Report for Ride Captain Spike

This Mission is the Arrival of our Fallen Hero back Home to California and back to Danville
Chachi’s Hometown. This is the 4th Mission of 7 , that we did for the Corral Family. I wish
I could write 1 report for this , but , it was 7 missions in 5 days. This Mission began early
in the morning. Since I signed the chapter here in Northern California , we have had several
KIA’s that the WWR has Escorted. But , This was the most highly profiled for us. Danville
being a small town USA kinda place , and this being Danville’s 1st loss. The plan was for
us to go up to the house and pick up the family in a Limo. But , at staging , there were over
60+ Bikes and at least 12 cages. The corral family lived in a area,were I could not bring all
the bikes & Cages.So, I had to make a quick decision on what to do differant. Concord ,
a city right next door , the Police chief sent 3 Motors to staging. Danville sent 2. So , I asked
the 3 Concord Motors to go with me up to the house and pick-up the family and bring them
down to staging. While I was gone Scott ( Sgt. Antioch PD & President Los Carnales MC),
a very good friend and son of friertuck staged all the bikes & Cages. It was a very foggy
morning , When I got up to the house , I saw the Limo for the 1st. Time, a 25 Passenger
Cadillac SUV.I went inside the house, everybody was getting ready to go. We rolled to
the staging area , positioned the Limo up front. As we got onto the onramp to the Freeway,
The entire Freeway( 5 lanes) were completely shut down. With PD leading , we made our
way to Travis Airforce Base. At the front gate of the Base Raider was waiting with another
25-30 Bikes and 5 cages. Security Forces from Travis escorted us to the Ramp Area where
Chachi’s Charter Aircraft was going to land. Withe the help of Security Forces we lined up
all the Bikes and cages ahead of time. We then got news of a delay, about 1 Hour or so.
The Base commander brought busses over to us , and brought the riders over to the galley
for lunch. I stayed behind to chat with Arnie ( Chachi’s dad). We prayed together with his
friends and then had a chance to chat. After all the riders came back , The CHP ( california
highway patrol) wanted to go over the route with me, I asked him to address the entire
group, which he did. CHP sent 10 Motors & 4 cruisers. Then we got the word , that the
aircraft was 15 minutes out. We got the flag line set, and stood by. We watched as the Lear
Jet landed and taxi’d over to us. When the door opened , we stood silent. The Base closed
the flightline down as well as Flight Traffic. The corral Family approched the Aircraft where
their Hero was stationed. They had their pastor ,as well as the Base Chaplain there to recieve
him Home.Then the Marine Honor Detail carried Chachi to his coach. Chachi’s best friend
Brock was on that Detail. We then Dismissed the Flag Line and mounted up. Now, we were
ready to Head home. Travis AFB Security Forces Escorted us thru the Base to the front gate.
Lynn ” Raider” Tross & Bryan Weldon and Myself made contact with ALL 1st Responders
prior to the mission. As we went thru the front gate , Fairfield PD & FD were at all Intersections
blocking and saluting. We got onto the freeway, it also (6 lanes) were completetly shutdown,
every On-Ramp was closed , every overpass had a Fire Truck on it as well as People saluting.
My friend steve from Walnut Creek PD got 4 Motors , 2 cruisers and 2 FD engines on the
side of the freeway. We got off the freeway in Danville, The Christian school was the 1st to
see us, and us them.The entire school, all the children lining the street on both sides,holding
flags and signs.We got to the bottom of the hill, I set this route up cause it brought us right
to the High School and thru downtown. As we made the left , 2 Ladder Trucks held the
Giant American Flag , which we drove thru. The Entire High School Student Body stood
waiting to see their friend, their hero. We rolled slowly down thru town, Flags and signs
lined the street. Over 3000+ people were there to say Welcome Home Hero as well as
goodbye. I’ve done many missions since “05” , and this was the most heartfelt community
supported attendance I have ever seen.We rolled into the Mortuary and parked , we got
the Flag line setup , with another 100+ Flags there waiting. I went to the Limo and then
got the Family , They stood with us as the Marine Honor Detail Carried the Hero inside,
they Followed him in. We then dismissed , and had our debrief. We also spoke about the
Mission for the church & Cemetery in a couple days.

Heidi’s PaPa & MaMa J’s Man
Northern California State Coordinator Warriors’ Watch Riders