Ride Report for Ride Captain Spike
The next day after the Corral Family came back from Dover,the community wanted to
show support to them By #1 Having a Candle Light Vigil & then #2 a Memorial at
The High School where Chachi Just Graduated , ” San Ramon Valley H.S.” We staged
at the Local Spot by the high school , next door was the Marine Recruiting Office. Well
the night of the Candle light vigil , one of the Marines came over to chat with us. Turns
out he and his Staff Sgt. were going to the Vigil as well. We offered them to roll with us.
So , we headed up to the park , and got set-up. The Corral Family rolled in approx. 15
minutes after. I went over to see Denise & Arnie ( Chachi’s Mom & Dad) , we spoke
for a short bit, then I escoted them to the Flag Line . At the flag line , us , 3 Marines &
3 Danville PD Escorted the Family to the Stage. There must have been 300 + Family,
friends & Neighbors to stand with them. We encircled the stage as best we could , the
paster spoke , amazing grace was sang. Prayers were said and stories were told. Tears
were plentiful this night.
The next night , we staged up, ready for the nights escort. Chachi’s brother Zach wanted
a memorial at the High school. To give folks a chance to share the stories of this young man.
We rolled up to the house , I went to go meet the family. Once ready , we gathered up all
the friends and headed to the High School. we rolled into the back gate thru the school,right
up to the football field. Where we escorted the Corral family to the field. The stands were
filled with family , friends and community. Chachi’s best friend brock(whom we just did a W/H)
spoke , and many of his other friends as well as his family. We also were preparing for
our Heroes return home in a couple days.

Heidi’s PaPa & MaMa J’s Man
Northern California State Coordinator Warriors’ Watch Riders