Ride Report for Ride Captain Spike

Mom Irene called us to let us know her son was coming home from Boot Camp.
She wanted to know if we would do something for him , only because he was
coming in from Bootcamp. I said we sure would !! I told her that they ALL Mattered,
even our newest. So, Mark was coming home on a late afternoon flight. We staged
at the Harley Dealership in Oakland, Mom met up with us. Then we rolled over to the
terminal , where Alameda County Sheriff’s parked us at curbside. We ALL went inside
and waited for Marks arrival. In his Uniform he came down the escalator and the look
on his face was priceless. We did a Mug & Hug , grabbed up his gear and headed out
to the vehicals. Was about a 1 hr ride to his families home in Tracy. When we got there,
some of his friends were waiting. We hung around for a short bit, then headed home.Its
allways good to get these cherries, really lets them know from the start that people care,
and that what they just did matters. Sends them on their mission with a great feeling.And
really builds up their morale. Semper Fi young Man.

Heidi’s PaPa & MaMa J’s Man
Northern California State Coordinator Warriors’ Watch Riders