Ride Report for Ride Captain Spike

I was contacted by a comittee member from the United Irish Society about the
parade. Which puzzeled me at first, of how they found us. Well , turns out they
read the News paper artical about our Escort of a WWII MIA Soldier , who had
been missing for 66 years. Pfc. Edward O’toole. They made O’toole Honorary
Grand Marshall of this years Parade. And wanted us to escort the WWII Jeep
carrying his Picture and relative. What an Honor it was to do so. They only
wanted about a dozen of us to escort in the parade.Now thats kinda hard when
you have over 50+ bikes & Hotrods that normally attend parades. So, I requested
Flag Bikes only with our friend Ray’s POW/MIA Corvette. We were going to
stage at the Firehouse on the embarcodero ,where the Fire Boats are kept. I made
a call to check in 1 week prior , the Captain then instructed me ,that we should
attend the mornings Pancake Breakfast in China Basin. Well , we arrived early
at approx. 0800 Hrs. , Staging for the parade was at 1045 Hrs. When we arrived
at the Bayview Boat Club,FD Engines were already there. They greeted us like
family , Many of them remembered us from the Funeral of their 2 Fire Fighters.
So , we ate with them and shared stories, Then came our very own Fire Fighters
from our neighborhood. Jimmy & Reznick brought willie with them. Willie is
the Fire Fighter who is sick with Cancer,which we are doing a Escort / Fundraiser
in a week or so. Well, what a blast we had hanging out there. We then headed
over to our staging area for the Parade. We staged the bikes around the Jeep,
we flew Old Glory , WWII Dedication Flags, POW/MIA Flags , and several
other Patriotic Flags on our Bikes. we were 10th in the lineup , right behind
the SFFD. What a great day, the rain held off and the crowds were plentiful.

Heidi’s PaPa & MaMa J’s Man
Northern California State Coordinator Warriors’ Watch Riders