AFTER-RIDE REPORT Submitted by Ron

Today was another beautiful day to to what we do best. We showed another hero that he does make a difference. Sgt Jacob Sidwa was escorted to his families home for a welcome home party. Jacob has spent close to 5 years in the sand in Iraq, Aghanistan, and Kuwait and is now home rehailitating from a foot injury. The Warriors Watch and the Heros Welcome from PA. gathered at the Sony Plant parking lot in Sewell Nj.. We were again greated by the Pitman Police dept and escorted to Jacobs apartment where He and several of his family were waiting for our arival to escort them to the party at Jakes Aunt and uncle Maryann and Scotts home. The local police escorted us out of town and as usual, made our trip safer and uneventful. When we approached the home, the local fire dept was there in force blowing the siren welcoming Jacob home. I was perspnally taken back by the number of Warriors Watch riders were there with such a short notice . We have had several short notices lately,so we have learned to adapt and conquer. My hat is off to to everybody that made today happen. Like we said today, you can prepare for a ride all you want, but if we don’t have dedicated riders , it doesn’t happen.

I (Lutz) also would like to point out the extra effort put into this by members of A Hero’s Welcome, the Yellow Ribbon Club, and the Chester County Victory Movement. The results of our (WWR) partnerships with these agencies and people is nothing short of phenomenal. We have developed a synergy with these groups, and the results of what we do truly do add up to more than the sum of the individual parts. Together we are a formidable force for Troop/Family Support in this part of the country, and I am extremely proud of all of you for what you do – so selflessly – to make our troops understand that they are loved and honored.

Jacob, welcome home young brother. For “brother” you are, even if you didn’t know it before now. You owe us nothing, but if you want to “pay us back,” then do this: when you are 40, 50, 60 years old, make sure that the generation of soldiers in that future time are never ignored or neglected or abandoned when they come home from defending you against whatever new threat to human freedom may exist at that time. Remember how we honored you, and pass that honor on to that next generation of warriors. That’s all we ask.