Ride Report posted for Bobcat

This was a special mission because it was for the son of one of our members. Jim Simms (Lone Wolf) had picked his son on up, on Friday, at Camp Lejeune for a 4 day pass. Since he didn’t know when he would be coming into the area, we decided that he would take his son to lunch on the following day and the WWR would meet them when they finished their meal and escort Nathan home. Then we were requested to attend an honor mission on the same day as the lunch. The honor mission took precedence and Jim was gracious enough to reschedule his lunch with his son for Sunday.

The day of the mission was wet and foggy as we all set out for the rally point. We were joined at the rally point by the Bon Air fire company with one of their ladder trucks. Jim was to call us when they were about done so we could come meet them. Because we were worried about the parking lot of the diner being to small to handle us and the fire truck, It was decided that the RC would go to the diner and invite Nathan to join us. When Jim called, I left Grease in charge of the welcome formation and headed for the diner less than a mile away. Jim had told me where they were seated in the diner so, I walked up to their table, in all my ‘biker’ regalia, and said “Are you Lcpl Simms?”. Nathan looked up at me with a surprised look on his face and said yes. I said “I have to honor to inform you that your escort awaits outside. Please join us at your earliest convenience. Welcome home Marine.” I then gave Nathan my best salute, turned and walked outside. Shortly thereafter, Jim and Nathan came out of the diner. We said hello, chatted for a minute and I asked them to follow me.

We then headed back to the rally point where the welcome formation awaited them. As we entered the shopping center we could see a beautiful line of flags and fire personnel off in the distance. I pealed of and Jim drove Nathan down the flag line to receive a much deserved salute from the WWR. After about 20 minutes of greeting and cheering, we formed our convoy and got ready to leave. The Chief of the fire company offered to let Nathan ride up top on the fire truck for the escort, which he accepted.

The fire truck led to procession to the Simms home about 4 miles away. The fire company support vehicle was was up front controlling all the lights at the intersection so we had no problems getting to our destination. It was exciting to see how many bystanders honked and waved as we passed.

As we approached the Simms home, we could see many people, AHW and another ladder truck with a flag already lining the street to welcome our young hero home….officially.

Nathan exited the truck in the midst of the crowd to the applause and cheers of the well wishers present. After all the greeting and hugging subsided, I presented Nathan with our Honor Coin and Maria of AHW made a presentation as well.

I also took the opportunity to present Nathan’s brother Jason with a coin for his service and sacrifice to our country. It was a real honor to meet both of these fine Marines.

A special thanks goes out to the Bon Air fire company for their excellent support of this mission. AHW did their usual wonderful job of organizing the welcome at the home. To the Simms family, thank you so much for allowing us to join you on this happy occasion. Nathan, thank you for your service and Welcome Home brother!’