Ride Report for Ride Captain HowardK

On a very windy and chilly Saturday afternoon February 25th Pfc. Justin Crowell was recognized for his dedicated service to our country by WWR, AHW and many friends and extended family at the Great American Pub in Paoli, Pa.

Justin is 20 years old and a native of Phoenixville, Pa. Justin lost his mother at an early age and was raised by his grandmother. She passed away two years ago, the same month as his high school graduation.

Justin enlisted in the Army to help pave his way to college and to provide a stepping stone and better himself in the process. Justin joined the ARMY in the summer of 2010 and was deployed to Kandahar, Afghanistan as a Combat Engineer with the 55th MAC. He is now returning after 7 months away.

Warriors Watch Riders were invited to SURPRISE Justin at a Welcome Home luncheon to celebrate and recognize his service to our country by Hillary Zee, proud friend and adopted “Mom” of Justin.  WWR and A Hero’s Welcome rallied at the Paoli Shopping Center at 2:15 and received a call a few minutes later from Hillary telling us they were ready for us to STOP BY. Also joining us was Pennsylvania State Representative Warren Kampf and his young daughter. With road blockers Bobcat, Walker, Lee and George taking strategic locations to provide safety for our riders, we proceeded along route 30 and onto King Street. We then circled the GAP with horns honking and engines revving and pulled up to the flagged entrance where we were met by a very surprised ARMY Private First Class and some of his friends and family. After a couple of handshakes and pats on the back we were invited inside where the temperature was a bit warmer. There more guests were gathered to greet Justin and give him a well-deserved welcome home.

WWR thanked Pfc. Justin Crowell, US ARMY for his service, sacrifice and dedication to keeping us all free and safe here at home and presented him with our Warrior’s Watch Honor coin. He then received a certificate recognizing his service to our country, and a thank you from a grateful nation presented by Carol from A Hero’s Welcome. We then learned that Justin’s Grandfather Charles Crowell was standing at the side of the room and was a veteran of WWII. Charles Crowell was presented a WWR Honor coin by Bobcat and was thanked for his service and sacrifice. We then assembled in front of the buffet table for a number of group shots to preserve the memory of this important occasion. After a few more hugs, and a lot more mugs we departed to allow the party to continue.  

Warriors Watch Riders extend our sincere thanks Hillary Zee, Amy Sands and Charles Crowell for inviting us to participate in this very well deserved celebration of Justin’s service to our country and of his safe return. We’d also like to thank Debbie Hemcher, Manager of the Great American Pub, for her assistance in arranging this surprise recognition ceremony.


Respectfully submitted by RC HowardK

Pictures courtesy of  Bikerider