Ride Report for Ride Captain Squale

Monday Night we stood a flag line of nine people during visitation at the funeral home. Very nice turnout & the family really took notice & thanked us repeatedly. I want to thank all those who came out on Monday night, We were represented by Warrior’ Watch & Patriot Guard! OUTSTANDING JOB FOLKS!!!
Tuesday morning for the funeral service we stood a flag line from 0800 to 1000. There were six people that turned out for support. We were represented by Warrior Watch ,Patriot Guard, & Red Knights.  Then got a well deserved break till around 1130 while the service was being held.  We had five bikes in the escort when we started out, had 1 break down on the long ride from Washington Twp to Mike’s final resting place in Lumberton, NJ.  We stood one final flag Line for the pallbearers to walk the casket through to Mike’s Final resting place. I want to thank all who came out on Tuesday to show support for our fallen Brother, OUTSTANDING JOB MEN!!  On a side note our brother who broke down is doing fine he got his bike restarted but at that point had lost the Procession & went into work!


John Miller