Ride Report for Ride Captain Freedom Diver
On a cool evening WWR of N. IL met at Hononegah High School, in Rockton, IL to welcome home two brothers, and warriors and escort them to their favorite sporting event, a Rockford Ice Hogs match. As we approached the family as they were walking to their vehicles the youngest brother Brett started to clap as the Sheriffs squad and line of vehicles approached. Then as we stopped in front of his residence, he stopped and looked at his mother, who had started to cry. As the WWR group approached the family you suddenly heard the famous Welcome Home! Then  we were surprised with having a Third Warrior who had arrived unexpectedly with Brett. With out missing a beat, the group of WWR and Police, Fire personnel welcomed Nick Wagner of Ohio, as if he were a resident of Rockton. After the usual accolades and presentations of Coins, and Warrior beads, the group mounted to escort these warriors and family to the Rockford Metro Center the home ice of the Ice Hogs 17 miles to the south of Rockton.
Upon arrival at the arena the escort again let everyone know they had a special group about to enter the arena, and wished everyone a great time at the Hockey match, and at the period break, as special dedication was made for Stephen, and Brett Wright, and a warm welcome for their special guest Nick Wagner, of Ohio.
Here is a link to the TV crew video of the welcome at Stephens and Brett’s home. as well as a photo of our welcome at their home.
Freedom Diver