Ride Report for Ride Captain Tom Van Gundy (TVG)

The Warriors’ Watch Riders had the honor of welcoming home PFC Jesse
Minick from his tour in Afghanistan.

It was a cold night in SWFL. One of the coldest for January 2012. That
didn’t matter. We had a mission to complete. A hometown Hero named PFC
Jesse Minick was returning home from Afghanistan. Jesse’s family asked
the WWR to make this homecoming memorable for their family. We stepped
up for this mission….

This was Jesse’s firs mission to Afghanistan. We were asked to be in the
airport as close as possible to the security gates to welcome Jesse home.

When our Hero arrived we welcomed him home like a Rock Star. It was
moving and emotional!! We properly coined our Hero, had him sign our
banner, and presented him with a set of our mission beads. After some
hugs, we sent him on his way to spend time with his family in Naples FL.
The local news captured Jesse’s homecoming well.


Although it didn’t make the media, we would like to thank the SWFL
ABATE, the Special Forces MG, as well as the SWFL PGR for their
assistance in this mission. You all are true Patriots.

Respectfully Submitted:
Tom VanGundy (TVG) ASC-SWFL