Ride Report for Ride Captain JohnDelivers

Twenty biker patriots, a few cages, the Somerdale Fire Department, and the Deptford Police Department converged on the Outback Steakhouse in Deptford, NJ at approximately 1830 on Feb 6th.  We heard that a bona fide American Hero, just back from serving in Afghanistan, was having dinner there with his family.

We set a flag line just outside the main door and waited for our man.  When TJ reached the door the look of surprise and happiness was all we needed to beat him up with hugs, hand shakes and back slaps.  Shouts of “welcome home” and “thanks for your service” were heard loud and clear.

We then escorted this warrior and his family home, WWR style.  Somerdale FD took the point and had the lights and siren going the entire time.  Deptford PD, Gloucester Twp PD, Laurel Springs PD all ensured we had safe passage along with more noise and lights to bring our man home.

When our procession reached the family’s street, Somerdale FD and Magnolia FD had an arch made with two ladder trucks, with a large American flag hanging between the ladders, and it was all illuminated.  What a sight to behold!  We turned the corner and there they were, the patriots from the Yellow Ribbon Club.  The YRC, neighbors, friends, extended family….let’s just say a whole lot of people came out to show appreciation for all TJ Homan has done to preserve our freedom.  A few presentations were made: the Somerdale Mayor, Retired USMC LtCol Bancroft, Nam Knights, “Gunny”, WWR coin, and YRC ribbon and coin.

Thank you to the numerous Police and Fire Departments who took part in this event, awesome display of professionalism.  Thanks to the Yellow Ribbon Club and to my brothers and sisters of the WWR.  The biggest thanks goes out to TJ Homan for doing what he does, and to his family for raising a son who would put Country before self.

Respectfully submitted JohnDelivers