Ride Report for Ride Captain Paulie B

What a way to start your Super Bowl Sunday! How about welcoming home a true American HERO? LCPL Rick Snyder just got back from his tour of duty in Afghanistan. The plan was to pick up our Marine from the diner where he was having his Christmas meal with 30 of his relatives. Plus his Grandmother has worked as a waitress at the diner for 30 years. So we roll into the parking lot about 48 bikes, 6 or 7 cages and a mess of fire trucks, Rick and his family walk out to a flag line and cheers of “Welcome Home”. The look on Rick’s face said it all. “Are you guys here for me?”  Hell yeah!! After a short ride to Mom’s house where the Yellow Ribbon Club, neighbors and a few town council members, the Mayor and a County Freeholder were waiting for our HERO. Rick and his family were greeted with more cheers, slaps on the back and hugs before the presentation of some proclamations,a magic coin, and recognition from the Nam Knights, Leathernecks and Legion Riders. Next was Rick saying a few words of thanks and telling us how suprised he was and that he was only doing his job. Then Rick got a little serious and explained how his Sgt. lost his life saving the lives of nine other Marines. he asked us to pause for a moment and to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Rick’s father served in the Marines from 1983-1987, his grandfather served in WWII and his little brother is in the delayed entry program with the Marines and leaves for boot camp in September. Now that is one patriotic family!  Thanks again Rick, enjoy your family and friends.
Welcome home MARINE!!!!!!!!!!!!