Ride Report for Ride Captain Gposs
Warriors’ Watch Rider’s gathered at Philadelphia Airport on Saturday January 28th to welcome home Army Specialist Brian Lee upon his safe return from a one year deployment in Afghanistan. The request came in from his aunt and mother 8 months ago! Needless to say, this family was eager to see their Soldier return home!
We rallied at Firebase 69 where we were met by Brian’s Father, Brian Sr. and his wife, and Specialist Lee’s 4 daughter’s Alexis, Amber, Alyssa & Ava. The weather called for a sunny 50 degree’s and the turnout was great with about 40 bikes and several cages.
We rolled on up to the terminal where Philly PD generously cleared out a spot for our motorcade. We met up with member’s of A Hero’s Welcome, and they escorted the family up to the terminal exit while WWR took our customary position lining the escalator.
When Specialist Lee exited the terminal he was attacked by his girls! Seeing that sight would put a smile on the grinches face! It was adorable! Brian was shocked as he only expected his father to drive up to baggage claim to pick him up. His was beaming a smile from ear to ear as he rode the escalator shaking hand after hand.
We mounted up to start our 62 mile journey to Birdsboro led by Pa State Police. It was a nice steady ride the whole way, and as we neared Specialist Lee’s neighborhood we were met by Exeter PD and they led us the rest of the way to Brian’s house where a couple dozen family member’s cheered their soldier’s arrival! Specialist Lee was pretty impressed with the showing of support, and his family member’s were truly appreciative of the welcome home their soldier received.
After plenty of hugs and well wishes we left our hero to enjoy his homecoming with family and friends.
Photos by D Jolly