Ride Report for Ride Captain JohnDelivers

Let it be known that 30December2011 was a great day to be an American Patriot.  On this day Warriors’Watch Riders had the opportunity to Welcome Home a bona fide, real life, American Hero who goes by the name of Eric Steiner.  Eric is a Gunny SGT in the United States Marine Corp, coming up on twenty years of service to the Corp and Country.

Maybe the mild weather had something to do with it.  Maybe it being the second to last day of the calendar year had something to do with it.  Or maybe…..just maybe….it was the chance to shake the hand of, and say “thanks” to, an American Warrior home from the sandbox that brought people out. Whatever their reason, at least forty bikes and six cages gathered at the rally point awaiting a text message from Kathleen, our Hero’s bride of ten years.  When she sent word that we could make our move we hopped on our scoots and moved to just outside the front door of a local establishment.  Nothing pleases the eye more than watching the anticipation of flag waving, leather-clad biker scum waiting on a Hero.  You would have thought we were waiting to see Santa Claus.

Even the best made plans have hiccups, and so did this one.  Our man exited the store without us recognizing him.  We were lined up with a flag line and he started to slide right past our assembled throng of patriots.  Luckily Kathleen caught all our attention and we latched onto Eric before he could make his escape.  “Are you sure this is for me?” was all I heard him say.  We beat him up pretty good with hugs, hand shakes and back slaps. Talk of “Welcome Home” and “Thank you for your service” was overheard.

With LEO support from both the Washington Twp and Williamstown Police Departments we safely made our way to Kathleen’s sister’s home, a short ride away.  A family gathering was already in place at the home. Eric had just left this family party only fifteen minutes ago.  Yet while he was gone, two Washington Twp. Fire Company trucks and several neighbors and members from the Yellow Ribbon Club gathered to hang yellow ribbons along the street and line the street with flags waving patriots.

We pulled in to a rousing ovation of applause, horns, throttles, sirens, lights and bells.  The YRC took control, several presentations were made, Rick and his wife Terry presented the WWR coin and Spousal Honor Certificate.  Big Gun presented Kathleen with the WWR lapel pin.  And just in case Gunny Steiner didn’t get the message yet, he was again mugged with hugs and handshakes before we departed.

Thanks to Washington Twp PD, Washington Twp FD, Williamstown PD, the Yellow Ribbon Club, and the best group of bikers I could hope to ride with.