Ride Report for Ride Captain Glen DeVries

The WWR had the honor of welcoming home Sgt. Robert Bacigalupo II for a second time from his second tour in Afghanistan.

On Roberts first tour to Afghanistan, he was chosen to be a Certified Explosive Detector Dog Handler.  He was partnered with a chocolate lab named KD.  Together they found several bombs that were disarmed without incident.  On his second tour, he was assigned as squad leader and led Marines and Afghans into many successful missions.  Robert was promoted to Sargeant in November 2011, while he was in Afghanistan.

The WWR proceeded from the staging area to Roberts home where he was greeted and escorted to the Naperville VFW where a party was being held in his honor.  We arrived at the VFW to many friends and family members waiting to welcome hime home.
We presented Robert with the coin, beads and had him sign the banner. Before I presented him with the beads, he said “I have beads for you”.  He had the beads we presented with at the first welcome home.  They had been all around Afghanistan, on his back pack.  He wanted me to have them and I accepted.  He was also presented with a Land of the Free Because of the Brave flag from the Fox Valley Marine Corp. This flag had been signed by well wishers from the local community.

A last round of hugs and welcome homes were passed around and we were on our way.  Sgt. Robert Bacigalupo II was left to celebrate with his family and friends.