Ride Report for Ride Captain Ironeagle

Excitement is an understatement for the family and friends of Captain Stephen Kraus who returned home after his second tour in Iraq just in time for Christmas. Complete with a Santa hat, Christmas stocking and Christmas cookies, the family and friends of US Army Captain Stephen Kraus gathered at FB 69 for a nighttime escort Stephen won’t soon forget. Rallying at 9:30pm Tuesday night, 15-20 cages rolled in to help provide the Kraus family with a rock star treatment for Stephen. Despite rain all day and wet roads, Bobcat and Cookie made sure there was at least some sort of bike presence to help ensure people knew we were coming! Capt. Kraus’ brother Matthew could hardly contain his excitement waiting outside the doors for his big brother to come. He wanted to be sure he was the first one to greet him and sure enough he did by running and leaping into Big Brother Stephen’s arms giving him a hug to make up for the ones he couldn’t give over the past year.

Caught completely off guard with the welcome response at the gate, Capt. Kraus made his way down the escalators receiving warm “welcome homes” from members of Warrior Watch Riders, A Hero’s Welcome, and complete strangers. The escort was put into motion and from the airport out rolled, what seemed to be almost a half-mile convoy, under the guidance of Philadelphia PD. To top the night off, Bensalem PD, Upper Southampton PD, Lower Southampton PD, and Warminster PD provided roadblocks, continued police escort and even some fire trucks joined he mix to make sure that Capt. Kraus had a true rock star treatment. Pulling up to his house just before midnight, the neighbors peeked out their windows to see what was happening, but we assured those who asked it was a well-deserved welcome home for one of America’s heroes. Welcome Home Capt. Kraus and Merry Christmas!