Ride Report for Ride Captain RJ

It was a glorious Christmas Eve in Chicagoland and WWR was out in force in Sleepy Hollow (IL) tothank a 14-yr Army man and American hero.  SFC Scott Fry has served in Korea for 3 years, toured Iraq and just came home from Afghanistan to spend the holidays with his family.

We gathered at the Sleepy Hollow Elementary School where the Sleepy Hollow PD and Fire Dept arrived to escort us.  A couple of Scott’s family friends, both Vietnam-era veterans joined us for the ride and were properly beaded. Unfortunately, the Fire Dept got a call just as we prepared to depart, but they were there in spirit.

Taking Sleepy Hollow by storm, we arrived at a holiday celebration at the home of Scott’s mom, Dee and step-dad Gary, who were also hosting Scott’s dad and step-mom.  Talk about an extended family!
Presentations were made on a rolling front lawn under cold, sunny skies, with SFC Fry’s extended family surrounding him.  In the words of Tiny Tim, God bless us, every one!

Respectfully submitted,