rabbit1rabbit2Ride Report for Ride Captain Pat (Tamale)
Was it cold?  YES, IT WAS COLD!  The temps did not climb above 30 degrees, but that did not chill our midnight Welcome Home / Escort.
WWR and AHW had the pleasure and honor of welcoming home Marine PFC Cody McClintock for Christmas.  Cody is the son of one of our biggest supporters, Rabbit, who also happens to be a member of The 2nd Brigade MC.  A bit back in time Rabbit r/c’d his first mission with WWR for his son-in-law after his second tour in Irag.  We figured it was time for a little payback to Rabbit from us.

With a huge turnout from The 2nd Brigade MC, we picked up Cody from the Philadelphia Int Airport and escorted him to a diner so he could have that cheesestake he’s been missing for awhile!  While there, WWR coined and AHR presented their certificate to Cody.  Unfortunately, Rabbit was still working and walked in the door about a minute afterwards.

Happy Holidays to all our brothers and sisters who made this mission.  Also, a big thank you to the Philadelphia Police for their escort of our hero.

Respectfully Submitted,
Pat (Tamale)