Ride Report for Ride Captain Don(sailor 74) Brady

We gathered at Lyons Village hall to welcome Sgt. Lopez & PFC Scapardine from Iraq and Afghanistan Today. The Mayor,countless politicians  friends,family and well wishers waited to welcome home our hero’s.We were led by a least a dozen squad cars from neighboring villages as well as fire trucks with sirens blaring. We surprised our hero’s at home with a vintage jeep and a truck for their escort to village hall. Along the route we passed two schools where the school students were outside waiting with flags and banners welcoming our hero’s home. When we arrived at village hall a band played and the crowd applauded and cheered. The Mayor thanked them as well as politicians and Ron Kittle former (Chicago White Sox player), people from the VA, . We presented our hero’s with a copy of our thread,honor beads and a challenge coin and thanked them for their service.After our presentation the Mayor introduced us to 2 more soldier just home form Afghanistan so we coined them and gave them beads also. What a great day IT was 4 returning warriors at one time,they could not believe that so many people would take time out of their day just for them.We told them that that was the least we could do for them after what they were through.

Ride Caption

Don(sailor 74)Brady