Ride Report for Ride Captain Spike

A lot went into this mission from the very start. Most of the National Cemeteries had been over the years very well attended by mostly pgr. I noticed ,however that the Presidio in San Francisco had very little to no attendance. The Presidio is a very Historic Landmark in California. Established by the Spanish in 1776, then shortly thereafter fell to the Mexican Army. In 1846 the US took control and for the next 100+ years stood as such protecting the Gate. Many Soldiers were stationed there including a Regiment of Buffalo Soldiers. So, I was Invited to come for a meeting about Wreaths Across America commitee. At that meeting , I signed onto the committee , representing the WWR. So , now the plan comes into reality , What will the WWR’s role be.

I wanted us to be very active in this program, so ,this year we came up with escorting both the Truck delivering the Wreaths and then the Day of. We would Escort the Keynote speaker. So, since the Ceremony is at 0900 hrs. our time, we had to start our mission early. Turns out we were going to Escort a WWII Navy Veteran , Pearl Harbor Survivor. Chuck Kohle , & a very Proud Buffalo Soldier Commander Ulisyies Moore. The Mission was broke up in 3 Parts , the 2 Escorts and also a Huey Flyover. Snapshot met at the airport with the Huey Crew, The Huey had 2 roles for this day. 1st a Flyover and 2nd was to do several low passes in order to take Arial Pictures.

Our Escorts all came together at the presidio at 0800 Hrs. Raider went to get Commander Moore and Myself and the East County Members escorted Chuck. We rolled into the Presidio National Cemetery with 20+ Bikes and several Cages. Kris had Cdr. Moore in her Ambulance , with Raider ,Wrecker and Rich & DeDe Escorting.The S.F. PD Mounted Patrol were there with 2 PD Motors. Our very good friends with American Freedom Riders came as well, They are Ladies with Horses ,carrying Big Flags.Many organizations were in attendance for this event. Chuck’s recount was incredible , it was like we were all there that day at Pearl. The Ceremony was completed with Honor, the S.F. PD Bagpiper & Trumpet player closed the Ceremony out. We then all gathered up and placed the wreaths at desinated Headstones.We then Escorted Commander Moore back to the Assisted Living Community where he lived, He is in a Wheel Chair , So , we helped out on getting him Home.

Heidi’s PaPa & MaMa J’s Man
Northern California State Coordinator Warriors’ Watch Riders