Ride Report posted by Lutz

When the WWR receives a super-short notice mission request, that negatively ffects the numbers who can come out.


It was a tremendous response on a beautiful late November Sunday afternoon to ensure that Alex Poli takes something with him when he deploys to Afghanisan: 1. The Honor Coin and 2. The love and respect and well-wishes of the American People, represented by the Warriors’ Watch Riders.

Alex is not only a Navy corpsman but a firefighter in Roslyn, Pa. (This writer grew up on Roslyn.) We agreed to rally at the Willow Grove Park Mall for the short ride to Alex’s home, and a fire engine, ladder truck, and other members of the Roslyn Fire Department joined us there, including three friends representing other branches of the military – Army, Navy and Marine Corps.

Together we rode on to Alex’s suburban street with engines roaring and sirens blaring, bringing out all the neighbors to join us in our celebration of Alex and the wishes for his safe return next year.

Godspeed Alex! Each time you look at that coin, remeber that a grateful nation is thinking about you and will be here to welcome you home!