Ride Report for Road Captain Sidekick

When PFC Christopher Asher first entered the States because of an IED injury, no one was there to greet him.  For this reason his father, David Asher, wanted to surprise him by setting up a Mug-n-Hug. Accompanied by members of the Second Brigade and A Hero’s Welcome, the Warrior’s Watch Riders set out from Firebase 69 to honor this hero.

Christopher knew his Dad had some tricks up his sleeve since they planned together to surprise his mother and two sisters with his appearance for the Thanksgiving holiday. Little did he know that his Dad had even bigger plans for him.  Waiting anxiously were a handful of riders who were ready to give PFC Asher the welcome he deserved.  As Christopher turned the corner he didn’t even really notice the group waiting on the stairs let alone figuring out is was for him.  He was greeted with hugs, handshakes, and a lot of “thank yous” and “welcome homes”. But, for PFC Asher the fuss was just beginning. As well as being coined by the RC he was also presented with a certificate of appreciation by A Hero’s Welcome.

He and his father were extremely grateful and appreciative, but in our eyes he was a hero getting a token of appreciation and recognition he so deserved.