Ride Report for Ride Captain Chuck S
Friends, family and patriots gathered at the Prospect Heights,IL Fire Department for what would be a well-deserved tribute to a brave American warrior.  Sergeant Ben Stehman was one of three soldiers riding in a vehicle blown up by an IED.  Sgt Stehman was thrown from the vehicle and sustained shrapnel injuries to his legs, one troop was killed and one lost both legs.  Still recovering, Stehman was treated extensively at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, TX.

A combined ride brief was given by Prospect Heights PD Commander and WWR RC Chuck Sineni, who is a lifelong friend of Stehman’s parents, Bob and Bev.  It was a festive atmosphere as the crowd grew and bikers, family and friends grew anxious.

First stop of the motorcade was Bob Stehman’s house, just a mile away, where the Sergeant, his wife, Becky and their two boys were staying (the Sgt Stehman family lives in KS now).  Prospect Hts Police Chief Jamie Dunne rang the doorbell and a VERY surprised Ben Stehman appeared in sweats, but soon re-appeared in fatigues.

Our route took us past Stehman’s elementary school where hundreds of kids lined the street and waved.  Then it was on to the Gary Morava Center at the school where a young Stehman entered ROTC.  Inside, more family and friends and Mayor Nick Helmers, who gave Sgt Stehman the key to the city, as well a Proclamation.  Chuck S. did the honors for WWR, a banner was signed and pictures were taken.  It was a great tribute for Prospect Heights’ hometown hero.

Respectfully submitted for Chuck S