Ride Report for Ride Captain Ranger Rick

On Sat Nov. 19th the Warriors’ Watch gathered at O’Hare Int’l airport to welcome home USMC. Cpl. Tommy Crane. 15 bikes & 14 cages were on hand to welcome Tommy home from Afghanistan.

The 22-year-old Cpl Crane is with the 1/5 Weapons Co and has been serving in the Sangin Valley in Helmund Province.

Crane joined the Marines at age 19. He had just finished deployment in Japan doing tsunami relief this past June and was due to come home for two weeks when the night before he was due home he was told that he was leaving for Afghanistan the following week. Out of the 1000 in his company, the 2/5, Tommy and 14 others were selected to take the place of 15 Marine KIA’s who were with the 1/5. Tommy is a Machine Gunner and Expert Marksman

Tommy and family were greeted with a warm welcome home hug & mug.
With the help of Chicago, Glenview, Northfield & Winnetka Police & Fire dept. we escorted the Crane family to a street filled with neighbors and friends holding flags and smiles on all faces.
Tommy was given a copy of his WWR thread, beads and a challenge coin. The whole Crane family thanked us for a great reception and escort. Tommy is home for a couple of weeks R&R and then he’s off to protect the Freedom of America once again, We’ll be there when he returns.

Ranger Rick.

Northern Il. Warriors’Watch