Ride Report for Ride Captain RJ

We didn’t know his branch of service, we didn’t have an RC, didn’t know the mission and we only got 2 hours notice, but we knew all we needed to know.  A hero was coming home and that was good enough for 15 or 20 WWR to turn out in the parking lot of an abandoned flower nursery, anxious to make an American hero feel like a rock star.

Guidance came in the person of Mayor Terry Weppler (Libertyville, IL), who met the mother of our hero at a (Chicago Bears) book signing the night before and called upon Raine to see what could be done.  A 9-hour flight delay added to the uncertainty, but Mayor Weppler brought the Police Chief and a BRT (Big Red Truck) to lead us to the Marqui home and that’s all we needed.

Elected honorary RC, Mayor Weppler filled us in on the details and our hero soon arrived, USMC LCpl Paul Marqui, just coming from the airport (and A-stan) driven by his mom.  We mugged n hugged, then escorted the Marqui Family (LCpl Marqui rode atop the fire engine) about 20 minutes to their home in Libertyville, IL for some presentations, the signing of the banner and some more pix.  Kudos to the coordinators who had enough faith to post this and to all those who showed up.  Spontaneous and dedicated, two of my favorite things.
To Raine, Matter, Jim, Chuck, Otto, Cher, Jeff and anyone else I may have forgotten, but especially to the men and women who serve their country, thank you.

Respectfully submitted,