The police department of Hoffman Estates requested the presence of the Warriors Watch to stand a flag line during their annual Veterans Day Ceremony. On the site of the new police department building are located memorials to all the fallen warriors from town with recognition to over 90 soldiers from all branches of service. Every Sunday at 1:00 a soldier name is read and honored with the attendance of the members of the Memorial Commission, and the flag from their respective branch is lowered to half mast. Every year on Veterans Day the community honors their veterans at a ceremony held at the the memorial site. The presence of the High School Band, on a day off of school, adds to the feeling of community and those present feel the support they bring. Staff Sargent Marcus Williams of the national guard spoke of the Heroes he serves with and of several special veterans that he has had the pleasure to know. It was a pleasure to be asked to attend this well done ceremony and I for one will always remember where I was on 11/11/11 at 11:00 to observe a moment of silence with the community of Hoffman Estates