Ride Report posted for Lisa Moran

Our Marines flight landed 20 minutes early, so his mom delayed him slightly at the airport.  They pulled into the Oasis and into a flag line of about 20 WWR members, including one new member.

Jimmy seemed surprised!  His mom Noreen was in tears.

We escorted Jimmy to a party in his honor.  We cannot thank the LEO support enough along the way. They handed off from town to town seamlessly.

Mom was a little worried we were going to get to the party to early, and CL had us pull into the high school lot to wait for the Fire Engine for the escort.  It worked out perfectly, it bought the extra time we needed for everyone to get to the party.  Thank you CL for the ambulance, fire engine and LEO.

Once at the party, we presented Jimmy with an honor coin, honor beads and a print out of all the well wishes from the WWR thread.  Beads were also presented to his mother and step father as well as two friends of Jimmy’s who are also Marines.

Jimmy’s mom must have thanked me 20 times for all the WWR did for her son.  She cannot believe people would do this that do not even know them.

Noreen, It is the WWR that thanks you and your wonderful son Jimmy for what you do.

Without your sacrifice and dedication to our country we would not have the freedoms we have today.

Welcome Home Jimmy, Welcome Home.  We will be here when you leave in a month, and when you return again!