Ride Report posted by Lutz

Chief Warrant Officer Bill Mowers spent a tour in Iraq with the Flying Tigers. He was (is) an Apache helicopter pilot and his job was to provide air support for ground operations, convoys, etc. A very dangerous job.

We were contacted by Bill’s dad, also Bill. The family are members of the West Chester Sheepdogs group, a pro-troop support organizaiont (www.americansheepdogs.com). A prouder, more patriotic family you would be hard-pressed to find.

We rallied at the airport and greeted CW Mowers on the escallator gauntlet, then mounted up and escorted him and his family to their home in West Chester. It was a great day for a ride and the ride was pleasant, patriotic and trouble-free.

At ride’s end we pulled into a supermarket parking lot across from the home, where we were greeted by a Sheepdog flag line and local firemen.

Mowers family, we are honored and grateful that you cared enough to invite us to be a part of your welcome home and to share in your joy. We rejoice with you at the safe return of your warrior son.

Chief Warrant Mowers, WELCOME HOME!