After Ride Report
submitted by Road Captain in Charge, Kel

Where to begin? Maybe with the impressions that are still in my heat addled brain. Bikes, denim, tats, bandanas, patch vests, sun, heat, grief. All these were elements that made up the outpouring of love and respect for Joe ‘Gorilla Joe’ Hanak. The friends and family of Joe were determined to see Joe off the same way he lived his life. As a biker. While he was proud of his service as a Marine and his 2 tours in ‘Nam, Joe’s passion was Harleys and all things Harley. His immediate and extended family all joined him in his love of riding and the open road. The friends he made extended across all strata of the biker culture. And today they all came to pay their respects. As his Sister-In-Law told me, ‘Joe wouldn’t have wanted flowers today. This is what he would have wanted. Bikes and Bikers’

Now to the ride report. Our Riders assembled as planned at the diner at Rt. 1 and Rt. 413. Most came early to have breakfast and wait for those coming farther away. We went KSU at 0830 and arrived at the Funeral Home about 10 minutes later. We quickly established our flag line just as the Hanak family was arriving and stood until services began at 1030.I must make mention of the extreme determination, shown by all, in the face the heat and the remorseless sun. This was one of the hottest mission I’ve done for a while and I’m very proud of the effort made by everyone in such harsh circumstances. Don’t think it wasn’t noticed by the entire Hanak family, who kept telling me what a great thing we were doing and how much it helped raise their spirits. Bravo to you all.

Photos by Streetshooter.

Upon completion of the services and the casket was brought out, we came to attention and saluted Joe as he was placed into as trike drawn hearse. We quickly mounted up and, in a change of our usual line of march, fell in behind the mounted family and friends, and escorted the hearse to Newtown Cemetery. Her we dismounted and reestablished our flag lines, saluting as the casket was brought from the hearse to the gravesite. 2 Marine Corp NCO’s folded the flag from the casket and presented it to Mrs. Hanak. We saluted as ‘Taps’ was played and a clergyman gave a last benediction. This completed the service. We furled our flags and departed.