Ride Report for Ride Captain Pat (Tamale)

It was a Friday night special for members of Warriors Watch Riders, A Heros Welcome and Levittown Legion Riders. During the pre-ride briefing WWR was presented with a flag that flew over a post in Afghanistan and also a certificate of appreciation thanking us for our missions. We had welcomed home the veteran, Marine presenter in the past and he is now a member of our SEPA chapter. How proud we all were to be recognized in such a manner. The scheduled flight ended up over an hour late, but that did not dampen the intensity of the Welcome Home for Marine Cpl Jeremy Bray. The escort consisted of approximately 60 bikes and several cages.

Jeremy was intending on surprising his parents on his homecoming, but thanks to a tip off from his sister, who Jeremy confided in, we all turned the table on him and our surprise was on Jeremey! We had our greetings at the Philadelphia Airport and started our escort under the guidance of the Philadelphia Traffic Police. The Bristol Township Police took over the lead enroute and we were also joined by the Levittown Fire Dept.

We made it safely to neighbor in the early, early hours of Saturday morning. Of course, we tried to be quiet, but the Police and Fire Escort would have no part of that! We complied and joined in the festivity loud and clear!

Once again, we met many new friends and perhaps some future members of WWR. Jeremy’s father, Phil is a rider and he joined our Road Captain up front on his bike for the escort. I’m pretty sure he caught the bug and we’ll see him again. Thank you to Bray family for inviting us to share in their son’s welcome home.

Respectfully Submitted,