Ride Report for Ride Captain Rich “Redbeard”Brewer

We were asked if we could recognize a retired US Army Veteran, and of course we said YES.

Two tour Vietnam Vet.  US Army Sgt. Robert “Bob” Shively

Well a little research and asking some question and we find out this Hero is indeed an very special Man and we are Honored to Shake His hand and thank him for his Service. We gathered at ATCO American Legion post. I was actually Early for a change (No comments Please lol ) But it was a Nice site watching our Riders come down the road to pull into the Rally location. What a Great turn out for this Mission. After a Ride Brief we were on the road to go to our Heroes Location. He was visiting with friends from Europe who was in on our Surprise for Bob. The Location was in a rural area down a long dead end road. As we turned onto the Road EVERYONE knew to bring the THUNDER and rattle and shake the neighbors Windows letting them know there is a HERO NEAR. Bob’s family and friends already had him outside for some chumped up reason. ( He said later that he heard us WAY BEFORE he saw us and he figured it was a parade or welcome home for some Veteran who recently returned home in the area… WELL Bob was right, the only thing was this Hero returned home from Vietnam some 41 years ago) We rolled down this Long street with our Flags Flying, Lights Flashing, horns Blaring and Thunder echoing throughout the woods. IT was Priceless to see Bobs face as we pulled up right in front of the house where he was standing.. We all dismounted and we yelled .. “Theres a Vietnam Vet. Hero named Bob here somewhere ” . His eyes lit up and his smile was from ear to ear.

Bob Join the Army in June 1954. Did his Basic training at Camp Gordon Georgia (know now as Fort Gordon GA) Trained at Fort Chiaffee Arkansas 1954-55. He was then assigned to Fort Hood Texas 4th armor division in 1955 for 18 months in Korea. Fort Devens Mass.. Did 2 tours in Germany 1957-62 and 1964-65 While there he met and Married his Wife Brigitte. He then went to Fort Sill Oklahoma 1965 and off to Vietnam from 1965-66 Vietnam and then again 1969-70 Vietnam. 1970 Fort Dix NJ “DRILL SARGEANT” where he finally Retired 1974 with 20 yrs of service.

A Long overdue Welcome home and Thank you for your Service indeed!!!!

The Warriors Watch Riders are always there to Welcome home and Thank our returning Heroes both Past and Present. Taken from our own Mission Statement: ” NEVER, EVER, WILL WE ALLOW THIS GENERATION OF HEROES TO BE TREATED WHEN THEY COME HOME AS WE WERE TREATED WHEN WE CAME HOME. . NEVER AGAIN WILL AN AMERICAN WARRIOR BE SCORNED, OR IGNORED.”

Bob, THAT STATEMENT was written for Heroes Like yourself. Thank you for your Service to our Great Country, Thank you for your sacrifices that you endured during that service, and Thank you for being the Hero that you are. Although it is 41 years Later, I would like to tell you that the Gratitude for what you did has had 41 years to Grow.

Peace and God Bless Rich “RedBeard” Brewer