Ride Report for Ride Captain Rich “Redbeard” Brewer

I have to be honest,… I sat to write this report a few times… its hard to put into words the emotional effect witnessing someone taking on a task like this and being part of the Escort.

On September 9th 10th and 11th , the 10th anniversary of 9/11, Chris Pace, Captain, US Air Force took on a mission that simply boggled my mind. He was set to completing a physical and mental feat where 100% of proceeds went to be donated to the Disposable Heroes Project. (Fallen Heroes and Their Families) He called his event the “Journey of Freedom”. Chris started at the Arlington Cemetery in Va. and biked for approximately 150 miles to Magnolia NJ. Where he jumped off and traveled ON FOOT to NYC (Approx 100 miles) where the World Trade Center Towers once stood.
Although His journey had some small adjustments he was asked to make, from a Medical point of view, had completed this mission and was standing in NYC the morning of Sep 11. He arrived by himself, Under his own power,  straight through…no stopping to eat, no sleep.

We met up with Chris on the Delaware Side of the Delaware Memorial Bridge (0530) in a parking lot. We picked up our Escort and brought our hero onto the bridge while he was riding his Bike (Ten speed style) Over the bridge. Thinking of how far he had already traveled on his bike from the night before, He was twelve hours in the saddle already and looked like he just woke up ready to go.

A few miles into NJ and I was witness to the expertise of his support team as they took care of a Flat Tire.  We all pulled into a safe area, shut off our bikes, then Turned the Bikes back on again… Sheeesh.. A guy can’t even have a Minute to get a drink or a Smoke Break around here?? .. LOL … That was the Fastest Tire Repair I ever saw.  Back on the road and heading through the Woods and Farm lands of Southern NJ Early in the Morning.

Chris had a support team that included His Wife Tara, Parents, and close friends acted as both Medical and morale support as this hero undertook this mission.  The Warriors Watch stayed with Chris the entire time through NJ. We watch as he was physically and mentally tested without waver. His will to continue was amazing to see, the support of his Team and loved was indeed a well of strength that Chris drew from. We delivered Our Hero Chris at the Outer bridge of New York where he continued on to Finish in NYC at Ground Zero approx. 10:30AM on Sept 11.

Amazing, Incredible, Inspiring, Awesome …to Quote a Few Comments off of this Heroes FaceBook Post. But they are words that seem to fall short of how emotionally charged this journey was for US, the Escort, and Everyone else who followed this Heroes Journey…. His “Journey of Freedom”

We are Honored to have had the chance to Meet him and His support team and Family. And we felt privileged to Escort him while doing something that ALL AMERICANS should take part of, Honoring our Fallen Heroes and their Loved ones.

On a very special note, Chris wore an Arm Badge that had a picture in it. It wasn’t until I looked at the Face book pictures that I noticed why he was wearing this badge. ” Laura Lee Defazio Morabito”  as her name appears on the North Memorial Pool, Passenger Flight 11.  Rest in Peace.

Peace and God Bless

Rich “RedBeard” Brewer